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Bernard POLI - Composer, Lyricist

A frequent visitor to Broadway and London’s West End, I began to fulfill my desire to actually see the great musicals that until then I had only heard about. Finding I had more complicity with the Anglo-Saxon style of musical theatre, the idea of writing a musical in English became increasingly attractive.

Why Bonnie & Clyde?

One just needs to look at what a good story is made of: passion, hate, love, life, death – these are the universal themes that strike an emotional chord with people of all generations.Set amid the elegance and intensity of America in the twenties and thirties, Bonnie & Clyde’s story is a fascinating tale that combines all of these elements.Popular for many reasons, public fascination with Bonnie & Clyde’s short-lived life of crime was primarily due to their youth and ability to elude the police during the Great Depression of the early thirties.

Although a story about criminals, it is also a story about a woman who sacrificed her own life to stand by the man she loved. It’s said that Bonnie never killed anyone – but we’ll probably never know the truth…


Composer, lyricist and member of SACEM, the French copyright society, Bernard Poli studied theatre and singing for several years and began writing musicals in 1992. A few years later his very first rock opera" Marginal" was produced for the Parisian stage.

He composed the musical adaptation for the stage Le Livre de la jungle (2007 theatre de Paris), Aladin (2008 Palais des congrés de Paris),The little mermaid (2009 Olympia), Merlin (2010 palais des congres de Paris), and Pinocchio, the wizard of Oz and Cinderella.

He created a new musical for the Zagursky National Theatre in 2011 " Michel Strogoff" novel by Jules Vernes


Simon PORTER - Co-Lyricist


Simon Porter is of British nationality and has lived and worked in France for the last 17 years. Although a performer first and foremost, the knowledge of both cultures and both languages has naturally led to Simon to being involved with several adaptations for stage and recording studio. Drawn to the concept and score of Bonnie & Clyde, this project has provided the opportunity to further his experience a writer as well as to continue his performing career.